Telecel Group interviewed at AfricaCom on their role in the future of startups in Africa

November 21, 2019 (South Africa) – AfricaCom TV interviewed Telecel Group CEO, Mr. Mohamad Damush and Group Managing Partner, Nicolas Bourg at the AfricaCom 2019 event in Cape Town, South Africa. This year, Telecel Group is a Partner Sponsor of AHUB, a program dedicated to partnerships with Africa’s leading accelerators and innovation hubs. The Group sponsored 10 startups to exhibit at AfricaCom as part of the Africa Startup Initiative Program.

On day 1 of the largest African Telco, Media, and Technology event, AfricaCom TV interviewed Mohamad Damush and Nicolas Bourg. The interview commenced with discussing how important Africa’s startup scene is to Telecel Group.  Mr. Nicolas Bourg stated, “Telecel Group focuses on the needs of the population, and by discovering and selecting startups that make a difference, we are helping fill the gaps and unmet needs of the society.”

This event was the perfect space for them to do this. Mr. Damush stated “AfricaCom is one of the best conferences in Africa, you see exciting potential, meet service providers, and gain insight into the requirements of the markets. This year, through our Telecel Group initiative, ASIP, we are sponsoring startups form all over the continent to expose them to the international market and investors.”

During the interview, Mr. Nicolas Bourg and Mr. Mohamad Damush discussed Telecel Group’s infrastructure development to accommodate and support startups. The Group is focusing on developing high speed connectivity, data centers, incubators and other requirements to meet their needs. They are currently targeting larger cities, but have plans in the future to develop infrastructures in rural areas, with the goal of starting new businesses for enhanced population distribution and increased job opportunities, especially in the Agritech industry.

About Telecel Group: Telecel Group operates in four different lines of Business all under (within) the telecom industry: (1) Telecel Mobile, owns and operates several mobile operators in Africa. (2) Telecel Global, offers a multitude of services to MNOs such as VOICE, SMS, DATA, IPTV, international traffic and VAS. (3) Telecel Play Application with an African identity and quadruple play services. (4) Africa Startup initiative program, targets innovative African related startups   and offers them support and guidance.

To learn about Mr. Mohamad Damush and Mr. Nicolas’s interview, please visit this link:

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