We connect, innovate and build communities

Who we are

Telecel is an international telecom company with a disruptive approach rooted in African identity. Our commitment to communities goes beyond communication, fostering growth, and promoting fintech, entrepreneurship, innovation, productivity, and sustainability.

Our purpose

Telecel is dedicated to unlocking boundless possibilities through the seamless fusion of diverse ideas and perspectives. Our mission, “Connecting Energies,” drives our success by fostering a dynamic environment where collaboration sparks innovation pushing the boundaries of progress and inspiring other in an ever-changing world.

Our history

“By 2030, we wish to establish a global leadership position in sustainable and cutting-edge telecommunications technology, ensuring seamless connectivity for all communities, while achieving a net-zero carbon footprint across operations and actively contributing to the development of smart and inclusive digital ecosystems worldwide.”


We create opportunities

Telecel aims to digitally empower Africa through technology, connecting remote areas for inclusivity, and focusing on education as a catalyst for growth and accessibility.


We are innovative

Telecel pioneers innovative digital and telecommunication services in Africa, prioritizing sustainable connectivity as a fundamental right.


We create ambition

Telecel is determined to lead African telecommunications through organic growth and strategic ambitions to shape the continent’s telecom future.


We are transparent

Telecel prioritizes transparency and good governance in its operations.


We empower the new generation

Telecel is dedicated to unleashing the innovation of Africa’s youth by recruiting and nurturing talent and driving technological progress.


We care

Telecel values unity within its organization, emphasizing continuous learning, flexibility, and teamwork.

Telecel Group UK

United Kingdom

  • Telecel Goup HQ
Telecel Gibraltar
Telecel AI


  • On-going launch
Telecel South Africa

South Africa

  • Headquarter of telecel south africa
  • B2C telecommunication operator
  • On-going launch
Telecel Global Mauritius


  • Headquarter of telecel global
  • Acquired in 2016
  • B2B service provider to telecommunication operators
Telecel CAR

Central African Republic

  • Headquarter of telecel CAR
  • Acquired in 2015
  • B2C telecommunication operator
Telecel Ghana


  • Acquired in 2023 
  • Telecel acquires 70% of Vodafone Ghana's shares
Telecel Liberia


  • Established after the acquisition of K3 Telecom operations in Liberia since 2019 

Telecel DRC

Democratic Republic of the Congo

  • Acquisition of Afrinet in the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2023

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