Creating a sustainable future with our customers

“We consider that working towards achieving a sustainable society together with creating economic benefits for the people are our most significant responsibility which is reflected in our company values. Sustainability is not only about alternative energy and a green environment, but also about sustainable and continuous connectivity for all mobile users through alternative technologies. This approach is embedded in Telecel’s culture. It is an integral part of the performance appraisals for every member of Telecel.”

Moh Damush
Group CEO

Our commitments


We are deeply committed to sustainability, actively addressing environmental challenges by providing an efficient and environmentally friendly network for our customers. We are dedicated to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and continually strive to enhance the durability of our products and reduce our impact on the environment. Our goal is not only to connect people but also to lead the way in sustainability within the telecommunications industry, setting ambitious climate targets.


We actively promote innovation in the health sector by empowering technology startups, such as through the African Startup Initiative Program (ASIP), contributing to cutting-edge solutions on a global scale. In addition, we support micro clinics in underserved areas, strengthening healthcare infrastructure even in remote regions. By recognizing the importance of a skilled healthcare workforce, we invest in extensive training programs for professionals, aligning with the vision of creating a workforce capable of addressing evolving health challenges.


We are dedicated to shaping a brighter future for children by revolutionizing education through technology. Our initiatives, strategically implemented across our operations, have played a pivotal role in modernizing and making education more accessible. By actively supporting the digital transformation of educational institutions, we ensure an enriched and inclusive learning experience for students from diverse backgrounds. Our vision is to nurture a generation well-prepared and inspired to thrive in the digital age, fostering equal access to an interactive educational system.

We Connect.

Telecel was the first to keep its subscribers connected all the time by introducing direct satellite to cellphone communication through its special partnership with low orbit satellite provider Lynk in Telecel Central Africa. This is a great milestone to help current mobile users to stay connected in remote areas and still maintaining environmental protection with less use of carbon.

Building a sustainable society

We contribute to the realization of a sustainable society together with our customers by creating value for the future and connecting various people with technology.

Telecel’s strategy on Sustainability

Telecel believes that while developing its networks and operations, it is crucial to lessen the impact of its business on the planet. Therefore, a clear strategy has been developed that encourages Telecel entities and management to take actions that will maintain the positive impact on environment together with ensuring socioeconomic benefits to the society.

Environmental responsibility​

Sustainable Societies

Organization Culture