Telecel’s Arrival: Bawumia unveils free roaming initiative

During an event commemorating the entry of Telecel, formerly known as Vodafone, into the Ghanaian market, Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia disclosed discussions between the National Communications Authority (NCA) and the governments of Benin and The Gambia regarding the implementation of a free-roaming service between Ghana and these countries.

Dr. Bawumia revealed this initiative on March 11, 2024, emphasizing its potential to eliminate additional costs for Ghanaian businessmen, tourists, and traders accessing mobile services in Benin and The Gambia.

The initiative aligns with a broader ECOWAS initiative aimed at bolstering digital connectivity among member countries, facilitating seamless communication and collaboration.

Telecel Group, an Africa-focused telecommunications company, completed the acquisition of 70% majority shares in Vodafone Ghana (Ghana Telecommunications Company Limited – GTCL) in February 2023. Leveraging expertise in telecommunications, fintech, e-commerce, and tech start-ups, Telecel aims to introduce disruptive innovation to Ghana’s telecom industry, offering customer-centric products and exceptional service.

Dr. Bawumia stressed the importance of Telecel ensuring the affordability and quality of its services, underscoring government support in this endeavour.

He also highlighted government initiatives to facilitate free roaming services within the region, noting an agreement with Togo expected to commence this year.

Telecel’s Chief Executive, Patricia Obo-Nai, described the acquisition of Vodafone as a strategic move aimed at fostering a competitive market environment to benefit Ghanaian consumers.

She emphasized Telecel’s commitment to driving disruptions and introducing innovative solutions in the telecommunications sector, particularly focusing on enhancing network quality to ensure an exceptional customer experience.

Furthermore, Mrs. Obo-Nai outlined Telecel’s focus on improving customer experience and promoting financial inclusion, expressing confidence in Telecel’s ability to revolutionize service delivery in Ghana, especially in the realm of financial services.

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