All you need to know about Telecel. Ghana’s new Telco

Telecel Group, a leading African-focused telecommunications provider with a presence in over 20 countries, entered the Ghanaian market in February 2023.

After acquiring a 70% stake in Ghana Telecommunication Company Limited (GTCL), Telecel became the majority shareholder. 

The company rebranded Vodafone Ghana within a year and has significantly expanded its network infrastructure. Telecel’s goals include deploying 2,500 4G sites within three years and achieving nationwide 100% satellite-to-mobile connectivity. 

This ambitious plan aims to provide Ghanaians with improved and extensive mobile network coverage.

Who owns Telecel Ghana? 

Moh Damush and Nicolas Bourg own Telecel Group in Africa, who are the sole owners of Telecel Ghana.

Moh Damush, the business entrepreneur, investor, Group CEO, and Co-Founder of Telecel Group, announced the debut of the Telecel brand in Ghana during a distinguished event named “Platinum Night.”

This launch marks a significant milestone for Telecel and provides an exciting chance to modernize, develop, and introduce new technology into Ghana’s telecoms market.

Nicolas Bourg is a seasoned entrepreneur and investor with over 15 years of experience building and expanding businesses in a variety of industries, including telecommunications, technology, innovation, and real estate.

He is currently Chairman and Group Managing Partner of Telecel Group, a major provider of telecommunications services in Africa and beyond.

Nicolas leads Telecel’s strategic vision and direction, supervising the company’s growth, expansion, and performance.

What is Telecel Ghana Customer Care Number? 

While Vodafone Ghana’s service codes and features like Vodafone Cash and bundle subscriptions remain largely unchanged, Telecel is introducing new customer care numbers: 0302200100 and 0302200200. This ensures you can easily reach Telecel’s customer support team for any assistance you may need.

Which countries use Telecel Group? 

The B2B arm of the Group, TGS is present in 27+ countries worldwide and provides services to 250+ Telecom Operators using its hubs in New York, London and South Africa.

Since its creation, TGS has been refocused on the European and African market and expanded its presence by establishing several offices in the UK, South Africa, Mauritius and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

TGS has entered a stage of rapid growth triggered by new funders and an unprecedented demand for its services. Over and above, Telecel intends to diversify its portfolio of businesses by co-investing in a newly created European and pan- African data center service provider and East-to-West African Fiber infrastructure.

All you need to know about Telecel. Ghana’s new Telco

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