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Telecel Group expands its offerings to Gibraltar’s market through the acquisition of Limba

Gibraltar, May 12, 2019
As part of Telecel Group strategy to create an international HUB to digitize businesses in Africa and to widen their footprint to include Europe, Telecel Group announces a strategic acquisition of a key mobile operator in Gibraltar.

The newly acquired mobile network operates under the brand name LIMBA and will become part of the networks owned and operated by Telecel Group after the completion of the purchase of its majority shares. Limba is the second Mobile operator (2G/3G/4G licenses) and can also provide fixed services in Gibraltar. Gibraltar is well connected to international sea-cable for Data and have a strategic place for Data service in the future.

Hugues Mulliez, Telecel Group Chairman commented: “Telecel Group has established a clear position of leadership by covering several countries in Africa and associating itself with the African communities by supporting technology related startups all throughout Africa. Telecel Group has recently introduced a ten Million USD fund to support those startups and now it is reaffirming this leadership by establishing a new African highway of data traffic by adding a mobile network operation in Gibraltar, which is a strategic “Gateway” to Europe.

Sebastien Vacher, Telecel Group Business Development Officer stated: “we have worked diligently on this opportunity and we feel it will make a big difference in the service offering that we plan to deliver to the telecom market in Gibraltar, we look forward to a speedy and remarkable launch”

Ahmed Baba, the co-owner, took this opportunity to congratulate Telecel Group for this new partnership, which should bring to Limba costumers high quality, innovated services, and put the company in the good track to success

Our Mission & Vision

Telecel Group is an international telecommunication company present in 20+ countries, operating mainly in Africa through development & acquisition operators and a service provider for mobile operators, with high-level financial experts in the telecom industry.  

Telecel Group, with a strong presence in Africa, has launched mobile operators and different innovative services in many communities in Africa after observing how expensive SMS services are, the inability of many people to open bank accounts and pay for online shopping, the disconnectivity of families due to poor network services, and the lack of inefficient support needed for the high sustainability of ecology and local agriculture. 

Telecel Group aims to connect the world by creating reliable technologies and mobile services coming from a wide footprint in Africa. Telecel Group targets to do so through 4 innovative firms. Telecel, as a mobile operator across Africa including Telecel CAR (www.telecel-rca.com). Telecel Play, a mobile application compromised of 4 different services; messenger, mobile payment, international marketplace, and social network, which facilitate communication and payment of purchases for people. In addition to Telecel Group, being an international carrier service provider of voice, data, SMS, and IPTV, and the Africa Startup Initiative (ASI), which helps young startups whose innovative ideas are creating a difference in their communities.

Our main intention is to change the way mobile operators work. We want mobile operators to be more involved in businesses. Most of the start-ups are depending on the mobile networks, however, the contribution of mobile networks is not significant, so Telecel Group intends to work with many mobile operators and support this initiative”
Mr. Damush, Group CEO of Telecel Group, in his speech during the ASIP panel at the MWC 2019.

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