Hugues Mulliez


Hugues Mulliez is an entrepreneur with a recognized
expertise in the fields of telecommunication,
retail and innovation. Presently serving as the Group Managing
Partner of Telecel Global, in charge of M-commerce services.

“Rooted in Africa for decades, Telecel Brand is cementing itself, outspreading globally and innovating in every aspect of people’s lives.
Telecel Group is becoming more customer centric and relevant to the modern needs of the people by providing connectivity platforms which create opportunity and interaction between the markets and the customers.
We bring profound significance to your daily chores through our services so you can seamlessly achieve them.”

Moh Damush

Group CEO

Moh Damush is an entrepreneur with a vision and an established proven telecom business track record. He is one of the co-founders of Telecel Group and the founder of Telecel Global Services. He plays a pivotal role in driving the expansion of the Group geographically and across verticals. Moh sits on the board of 3 technology research firms and more than 25 startups. Moh is also the founder of Africa Startup Initiative Program ASIP.

“The opportunities in the telecom industry in Africa are becoming greater as peoples’ demand for digital services, and innovative solutions are increasing exponentially. As Telecel, we are committed to fulfill this need and make available the investments needed to develop the technological advancements and infrastructure that make Telecel become strongly competitive and lead the digital transformation.”

Nicolas Bourg

Managing Partner

Nicolas Bourg is the Managing Partner heading financing and fund-raising activities: Nicolas brings to the Group a recognized experience in mergers and acquisitions and a keen monetary sense

“We are facing a new era of growth in the telecom industry especially for Africa. The future brings great innovations with the 5G, IoT, Smart  Cities and others. Telecel is well prepared with the financing coupled with the telecom expertise and entrepreneurial skills to play a main role in this evolution for Africa..”

Malek Atrissi

Telecel Mobile CEO

Malek Atrisi has over 18 years of experience with large operators, including with MTN in Africa. Malek has led operations in his capacity at CEO and CTO levels, with first-hand experience on how to build and sustain a profitable business in Africa.

“Telecel Mobile is well equipped with the right expertise and financial capabilities to operate or support Mobile Service Providers with a focus on achieving excellence in customer experience and quality of service. Our team has a diverse experience having held several leading positions in telecom companies across different countries in Africa. We do believe in the local talents being the key to succeed in delivering the desired objectives.”

Board Members

Obafemi Banigbe

Board Member

Obafemi Banigbe is a seasoned technology leader, entrepreneur, advisor, and thought-leader, who has been at the driver’s seat of technology innovations and initiatives across key markets Africa. Prior to establishing IPTV/OTT PaaS business in Africa, Obafemi played several C-level technical and operational roles in big telecom companies in Nigeria, Ghana and Tanzania. He has in-depth understanding of today’s complex business environment prevalent within African market and the need to ensure that business objectives and commercial requirements are translated into optimal business strategy leading to successful execution.

Alan Harper

Board Member

Alan Harper is a driven businessman that built a strong portfolio while working with big names in the telecom industry. Mr. Harper has been holding executive positions in the telecom sector for more than 43 years.  He has served as an executive committee member and Group Strategy for Vodafone Group, as well as the Managing director of Vodafone Ltd. Alan Harper has also served as a board member of GSMA, MTN, and been the founder and CEO of Eaton Towers.

Viwanou Gnassounou

Board Member

Managing Partner – VR Advisors (Executive Business and Development Policy Advisory services). Former Assistant Secretary-General (ASG)– Department of Sustainable economic development & Trade at Organization of African, Caribbean and Pacific States (OACPS, April 2015-April 2020). Viwanou Gnassounou, from Togo, is an economist and financial expert with about 25 years of experience in development policy formulation and management, resources mobilization and programming, project management, sectoral strategies design and implementation, business management, and trade negotiation and cooperation

Mohamed Dabbour

Board Member

Mohamed Dabbour holds several degrees including an Executive MBA from London Business School, and executive program from INSEAD. Mohamed Dabbour is a technology leader with experience in international, fast changing volatile environments. He served different executive roles, including Executive Vice President and CEO Africa for Millicom. Mohamed Dabbour insured profitable growth and cash flow for Millicom Africa, where he was responsible of over 1200 direct employees, including country CEOs

John Finch

Board Member

John Finch has over 20 years of experience in the telecom industry in the EMEA region. Mr. Finch opened several consultancy firms and started focusing purely in the telecom sector. Mr. Finch has 20 years in Telecoms industry experience in EMEA working with top Global Operators, in addition to working with OEM’s, Banks and Private Equity.  He has also served in leading roles such as being the advisor to the board of Liquid telecom and a special advisor to Accenture Africa. Since then, he started Mayfair telecoms International, helping CEOs, Executives and Boards to deliver their strategies.